Suzanne Baltazard, teacher

She has studied 10 languages and can fluently communicate in English, Russian, Spanish and German. Her mother tongue is French. She understands some Polish, Italian and sign language.

Language lessons
for children & teenagers

Large experience in kindergardens, primary and secondary schools as an English & French teacher (French as a foreign language).

Special methods for young children through music and sign language + games & puppets.

Tutoring for pupils
with special educational needs

Teacher specialised for hearing-impaired pupils, dyslexic pupils and children with high potential.

Lessons for teenagers and adults (French)

Specialised in Business, Tourism and Medical French.

Expert for the Alliance française in Geneva and for the DELF.

Previously teacher in Paris at the Collège des ingénieurs (european programme Copernic) and at Institut Pasteur (Institute for scientific research)

Teacher in secondary schools in Annecy (special class for illettrate foreign students).

Lessons for teenagers and adults (English)

English teacher at Chambre de commerce et d'Industrie d'Annecy:
 - administrator for TOEIC exams.

Immersion courses

Also graduated in History and Tourism, Suzanne is happy to organise cultural visits or nice walks in the area.

Personal publications


textbook and blog to teach religion in schools

Biographies of M. Baltazard

for information, book by J. Mainbourg :
aventurier de la peste
(Pr. Marcel Baltazard - 1908-1971)